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Consolidated experience in the field of Paramedical Dermopigmentation, Trichology and Semi-Permanent Makeup


Jederme is a global company specializing in high technology and quality products in the world of dermopigmentation. Our technologies are developed in collaboration with a German company, the world's largest manufacturer of micropigmentation products. Our brand stands for reliability, quality and technology. Our corporate policy is based on concreteness, quality, performance, flexibility and an open dialogue with all our customers. Our products are synonymous with prestige and are the excellence in quality and technology in paramedical dermopigmentation, trichological and semi-permanent make-up.


The products and equipment are all compliant and certified, and comply with the strictest European regulations, such as ResAP (2008) 1 and the new regulations on pharmaceutical quality of materials first: Regulation 04/2013 concerning the content of Nickel.


JEDERME is also very active in the field of training and in Italy organizes courses for semi-permanent make-up, tricopigmentation, paramedical dermopigmentation and oncology, organizing courses highly specialist and professional. Ours is an international school that has developed protocols and teaching methods through comparison with the most advanced international dermopigmentation techniques, and through the collaboration of most experienced micropigmentists and medical specialists. Our training courses provide a safe basis and an absolute guarantee of success and professionalism. Excellence in training for beginners, already very experienced professionals and doctors, who wish to receive impeccable and professional training, or who wish to specialize and be always up to date on the continuous innovations of the Dermopigmentation world.


Jederme performs in its studies treatments of paramedical dermopigmentation, oncological micropigmentation, tricopigmentation and permanent make-up on clients and patients who prioritize quality and result, relying exclusively to expert hands and a highly specialized center.


Our experience over the years and close collaboration with the medical, dermatological, oncological, breast and plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, leads us to be the most suitable structure for those who wish to intervene on their imperfections or problems through micropigmentation and semi-permanent make-up.

We are specialists in tricopigmentation treatments and our TricoClinic method is the result of our experience and collaboration in the world, particularly in the Netherlands and the United States.


This extraordinary technique, which consists in simulating in a realistic way the effect of shaved hair, if well performed it allows to solve or significantly improve the problem of thinning and/or alopecia that affects women and men of all ages.


Tricopigmentation guarantees natural and lasting results and you will be followed in a professional way from the pre-treatment consultation to the post-treatment stages, ensuring the achievement of results Excellent.


Paramedical micropigmentation is a valid ally to solve aesthetic and psychological problems caused by surgical interventions. Restoring areola & nipple, treatment of scars and skin discoloration.

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